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If you're done waiting for your partner to change...
Happy Couples Don't Just Happen...
They're Created! 
If you're done waiting for your partner to change...
Happy Couples Don't Just Happen... They're Created!
With Results Like These:
“When I joined Parent in Love, I was ready to give up on my marriage. Today my marriage has had a complete overhaul! It's practically a different marriage altogether.”

- Chelsea
“I have seen a huge transformation in our relationship. Just yesterday I was looking at him with curiosity and love. We talk a lot, we are connecting way more, we're spending a lot of time together, we help each other... we are complete partners now.

- Amina
“Candid, open communication feels authentic and healing. Even our intimacy has improved. Is this normal?”

- Yasmine
It's no wonder our clients are raving about this powerful method for creating a meaningful marriage...
Marriage can be stressful.
Maybe you feel like your partner isn't pulling their weight.

Maybe you feel like all the work you do is invisible.

Or you find yourself repeating arguments about "Who's fault was it?"

Or perhaps getting disappointed time and time again about the lack of support from your partner

- you're so not alone. 
Feeling a little outa love at the moment?
I know many of us feel like: Of course I love my spouse but I also kind of hate them right now. 

Because, sure, you fell in love once upon a time but the butterflies have flown and now you're feeling... well... disconnected.

Maybe even a little bit grossed out, sometimes.

Date nights? Lingerie? Romance? What's that?!

74% of couples we polled said they feel they've lost their connection. So, if you feel like the "in love" part is buried away - you're so not alone.
Ever find yourself
waiting for your partner to change?
Maybe you've suggested therapy or even tried it.

Maybe you've sent some "hints" their way - links, memes and quotes...

Maybe you've begged, pleaded, nagged and threatened: setting ultimatums like: "Change! Or this relationship is over!"

I know, I know, the desperation can be real... when will this person evolve? Catch up? Invest in our family the way I do? Care about me and our children as I so deeply want them to?!

When will my partner CHANGE?
Sometimes it feels like it's easier alone.
As much as you want and need the support - I know sometimes it can just feel easier to run your home on your own.

No one criticizing. No one judging. No one commenting. No one watching. No one adding to your to-do list with their needs.

No one irritating you.

Ah. Bliss.

Ever have these thoughts only to then think:
Yikes! That's not really what I want, is it?
What's wrong with me?
What's wrong with us? 
You might even wonder
if you made the wrong choice...
As much as your partner is surely a wonderful human being with great qualities (that's why you chose them to begin with) when you're in the stress of raising little kids together, you can easily lose sight of that and wonder:

What did I think was so great about this person, again?

You could find yourself in rabbit holes of "What if...", lamenting the past and stalking exes on facebook.

This would leave anyone feeling bummed out and even a bit hopeless as you stare down a future of discontent or even regret. 
But here's the thing:
You deserve to have a happy marriage, and your kids deserve to have happy parents.
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Parent In Love
A new vision of marriage.
Divider Text
Parent In Love empowers you with tools to become the couple you want to be.

Parent In Love is a proven method to creating a meaningful marriage, which is the blueprint for your children's future relationships too.

Every month in Parent In Love will help you work as a team, align on your parenting and feel deeply connected. (And no, your partner does not have to do the course with you.)

Time to end the madness, not the marriage.
How does Parent In Love work?
One small effective step at a time.
Parent In Love is a proven method, a 6 month process. Every month you’ll learn a new set of skills to repair and up-level your relationship so that you can completely overhaul the atmosphere between you. Even in just one hour a week, you'll get the results you want to see. 

You will have everything you need to learn in your own way:
Full Length Video Lessons
Audio Versions
Short Video Lesson Summaries
Lesson Transcripts
PDF Journals
Community Support
Group Coaching Sessions
Bonus Trainings
Parent In Love condenses vast amounts of information, research, and principles into digestable, practical solutions to real-life marriage problems.

We break complex concepts down into bite-sized, do-able action items that you'll be inspired to implement right away, so you can truly create a marriage you enjoy, with the partner you have, right now.
6 Months To Transform Your Marriage:
How Well We Think About Our Relationship? 
Have a Great Mindset About Each Other.
In the Foundations of Cooperation, you'll learn:
Playing On The Same Team
Rose Tinted Glasses
Change Of Mind
Plus so much more!
“I went to my husband mid-video and kissed him and said, ‘Babe, I'm all in.’

- Liz
How Well We Understand Each Other?
Become Great Communicators.
In Drama Proof Communication, you'll learn:
Active Listening
Blame Fasting
Radical Optimism
The Timing Rule
Communication Ownership
Plus so much more!
“Holy fricking moly. The peaceful communication module has completely reshaped my relationship with my partner.”

- Tanya
How Well We Work Together?
Become a Great Team.
In Division of Labor, you'll learn:
Conscious Expectations
Contract Renewal & Reviews
Owning Choice
Plus so much more!
“My husband and I don't argue in front of our children anymore. Some days my husband cleans and cooks more than I do!”

- Chelsea
CORE VALUES: Parenting Style
How Well We Align On our Goals? 
Create a Joint Vision.
In Core Values, you'll learn:
Childhood Conversations
Parenting Style Alignment
Values & Vision
Brainstorm vs Debate
Self-Care & Boundaries
Plus so much more!
“A big frustration in our marriage was, ‘How are we going to deal with these tantrums?’ Parent in Love allowed us to parent together with more respect for each other. The growth is quick.”

- Leah
How Well We Align on Our Goals? 
Become Super Connected.
In Connection Game Plan, you'll learn:
Inner Child
Love Language
Concentrated Attunement
Compassionate Forgiveness
Plus so much more!
“I can see where he’s coming from instead of getting defensive. We're more connected than ever before.

- Myriam
COLLABORATION: Parenting Together
How Well We Parent Together? 
Become Great Leaders.
In Collaboration, you'll learn:
Non-Crisis Thinking
Show, Don't Tell
Calling In
Conflict In Front of the Kids?
Plus so much more!
“Parent In Love was a blessing for me. It helped me pick myself up, stand up, and start walking in the direction I wanted my family to go.”

- Ana
Parent In Love is designed to be done alone.
That's right.

You don't have to drag your partner to One. More. Thing.

This course is for YOU.

Your partner doesn't even have to know you're taking it.

That's right, I said they don't have to know.

Why? Because you'll be learning everything you need to learn to spark the change and transformation for both of you.

You're no longer beholden to the waiting game: waiting for your partner to change is over. Now you get to initiate the change you were looking for - using the most effective psychology and up-to-date brain science.

Nagging and negotiations unnecessary.
What would it be worth
for you to have...
Step-by-step guidance
An in depth, well researched library of high-quality content 
Interactive group coaching
Belonging to the most incredible and supportive community of parents there is.
Do-able actions that make a difference, every single month for 6 months
Hundreds of members have gone through the Parent In Love process and they say that it has been the best investment their family could have ever made.
“Parent in Love was amazing and transformational. You have saved our marriage. Thank you!”

Let me do the heavy lifting for you. 
Hi. I'm Avital, the founder of Parent In Love.
I’ve read hundreds of books, taken countless courses, qualified as a parenting coach in two institutions, I've been married for over 15 years and have 5 kids of my own. 
My husband and I have been through our fair share of challenges - I'm not here to preach at you from high above - but rather to share some hard-won truths, tactics, and tools.

Most importantly, I’ve already helped tens of thousands of parents around the world with my proven approach. Parent In Love lets you leapfrog over all of the labor-intensive learning and quickly get to the bottom line. Plus, you get the added benefits of accountability and community that you wouldn’t have access to if you decided to go it alone.
Parent In Love is a six month program.
But, when you enroll, you get to keep it for life.
We want you to create real, lasting, and sustainable change. This is why Parent In Love takes 6 months to go through!

It's not a quick, magic bullet. There is no such thing.

You can go through the program for six months or you can take your sweet time - it's yours forever. Plus, if you want to revisit the materials at anytime - as many members do - you (and your partner, if they like!) can take the course again whenever you want, no charge. 
"I did Parent In Love and it was the best thing I did for myself and my family.

I was a bit reluctant to invest, but it paid off 100 times more than expected and I now think it's worth paying 3 times as much for its content. It is a very well thought out and presented course with practical solutions. I warmly recommend it to everyone.

 It helped me let go of resentment and feeling helpless and start to build my relationship with my husband lovingly and respectfully."

- Ana

(Did you know that 100% of members who were polled say they would recommend Parent In Love? Whoa!)
Don't give up on your dreams for your relationship. Believe you can get there -
Parent In Love will show you how.
So what’s it gonna be…

Do nothing?


Say “maybe next year”?

Will you try to piece it together yourself, only to let life get in the way while your goals fall by the wayside?
Or are you ready to say:
YES to your family
YES to a new way
YES to having the relationship you dreamed of
YES to modeling a healthy marriage for your children
YES to rocking family
YES to support and friendship
Not to be dramatic, but this might be the most important decision you make for improving your family’s quality of life… 
I know it was for the hundreds of "Parent In Lovers" who define the program as


...or even “Life-Saving”

"You saved my marriage and my life."

- Jay
Parent In Love Stories
“I have seen a huge transformation in our relationship. Just yesterday I was looking at my husband with curiosity and love. We talk a lot, we are connecting way more, we're spending a lot of time together, we help each other... we are complete partners now.

I would highly recommend Parents in Love - it has helped me create a dream relationship with my spouse.”

- Amina
I cannot change who my husband is. I cannot change what my marriage is. I realized it was about my inner work.

It's more than worth the money because you're investing in your emotional health and the health of your marriage and that's much more valuable than anything money can buy.

Absolutely give Parent in Love a try.

- Galina
“When it came to housework, logistics and emotional labor, everything was on me and I felt like I didn't have a partner. The resentment would eventually explode in a very unhealthy way.

Once I grew in my awareness of what I was bringing into my marriage, the changes were drastic.

It's a full hour each week of being immersed in your own growth rather than trying to sort out your spouse's issues. You'll get a lot more accomplished in that hour than you will in months of therapy.”

- Leah
“We had a ‘love at first sight’ love story. Three years later, we couldn’t even look at each other sometimes. I put everything on hold and started working on our connection as the most important thing.

I didn’t expect to get even half of what I’m getting, and I’m not even done the material. It's empowering. 

I would recommend this course to anyone - even someone without a partner - because it’s healing.

You can see the change. It’s magnetic and it happens naturally.”

- Sara

“I felt overwhelmed and burned out. I thought it was too stressful to have two full-time jobs and two small kids and manage a household, and maybe we'd be better off apart.

Parent in Love was such an important investment, not only as a parent and a partner but for me personally.

If you want to help your marriage and you want to be the best parent you can, this encompasses all of it. You deserve that joy and that transformation. It’s a no-brainer.”

- Meredith
“I was being very peaceful and present with the kids and giving my best to them, and by the time my partner got home, I was totally depleted and had no energy left for him.

Parent in Love was perfect for me. There’s no secret miracle way around this inner work that you have to do. I really love it.

I was really hesitant to join. But I knew I had to do it, and it’s living up to all my expectations. It’s brilliant.”

- Marine
“My partner and I have such different value systems and ways of parenting. The conflict was so difficult that I thought maybe it was better to exit the relationship...
I began taking Parent in Love and slowly found myself becoming more peaceful and accepting of his style. I began to embody in my heart that the only change I can really make is within myself. I stopped trying to change him and our relationship got so much better. It’s been about 4 or 5 months now and we rarely have conflicts anymore. The transformation is so powerful, it’s impacted the quality of all of our lives.”

- Jeanette
Got questions? We've got answers.
The fact that you’re reading this section means you already know Parent In Love will help you create the marriage you desire, but perhaps you still have a touch of hesitation.

I get it - and honestly, I like that you’re really weighing this out because it shows me that once you’re inside Parent In Love, you’ll be truly committed.

You might be thinking,
“This sounds too good to be true! How am I supposed to know if this will really work for me?!”
Great question!
Here’s the good news: you are not even close to being the first person to try out Parent In Love.

When Parent In Love is open for enrollment, we will display the most FAQ about the program. In the meantime, here are a few:
When will doors open again? 

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